Hogtown Games

Welcome to the Hogtown Games homepage!

Hogtown Games makes OSR fantasy game supplements with a weird-dark-humorous style. All will be available as PDFs and most will be available in print.

I'm a one-man operation based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I will update this page whenever I have solid information to share about Hogtown Games releases.


WB1 Golden Eye of the Kobold King
Adventure module, 34 pages, booklet size, black & white.
v1.1 updated Feb 4, 2017 (first release July 18, 2016). 
Available in PDF and Print.
PDF - Free/PWYW, available at RPGNow and DriveThru RPG and Tabletop Library
PRINT - $4.99 CAD or about $2.63 USD, available at Lulu